How To Study Like A Pro

Finals are coming! But fear not, we’ve got some studying tips that can help get you that much closer to acing those finals:

1. Prioritize & organize your time– The clock is ticking. Utilize your day wisely by improving the prioritization and organization of study time. The Oregon Department of Human Services said 80% of interruptions are of little to no value which creates around 3 hours of wasted time per day. Effective time management when studying may advance performance regardless of a student’s aptitude, especially on course-specific examinations, according to Medical Education.

2. Take good notes– Access to notes is an important factor in conquering finals. It’s not too late to be an excellent notetaker. Listen to what your professor says and summarize his or her sentences. According to the Journal of Education for Business, writing top notch notes will help when completing homework or studying for an exam.

3. Make flashcards– Making study cards uses kinetic energy, which has a stronger impact on the brain, according to the Academic Skills Center at Dartmouth College. Don’t go over the cards silently. This form of passive study will take longer for you to fully grasp the material. Instead, cover them orally. Read the cards out loud to ensure complete mastery of the information. Active learning and testing yourself on the material illustrated a 50 percent improvement in long-term retention of information, according to Science, an academic journal.

4. Form a study group– Send an email to the class and set up a study circle. Working with other students can help you understand material you may not have previously grasped. An article from the Huffington Post suggested dividing term definitions and concept explanations among the group to figure out what you need to cover in greater detail. Learners covered over two times as many questions in a group study session compared to studying alone, according to Grockit.

5. Get off the computer– Instead of distracting yourself with the world wide web, read your textbook or review notes instead. A study from the Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy revealed that internet use occupies the highest portion of students’ time. Out of the study participants, 95 percent said they used the internet every day or nearly every day. Once you’re done reading this article, immediately get off the computer and begin your studies.

The key thing to remember is to start studying now! Prioritize your time today. Take good notes in class. Make flashcards to practice. Create a study group to go over information, then get off the internet and keep studying. You can do it! Go get ‘em Titans!

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3 Responses to How To Study Like A Pro

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  2. Excuse my asking, but – if you want to “study like a pro”, make flashcards and get away from the computer? I would hope you are just trying to make a joke here, but I am afraid you really mean it…

  3. Mihaylo Writer says:

    Hi Daniel –

    While we agree your computer is an incredible research and study tool, it can also be a great distraction. The benefit of using flashcards, at least as far as the data suggests, is their ability to help a student retain information through the process of making the cards and reviewing them.

    Of course everyone studies a little differently, we just wanted to make sure we offered some ideas as students prepare for final. 🙂

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