Tina Safi is This Year’s Outstanding Student

We’d like to congratulate Tina Safi, this year’s recipient of the Outstanding Student Award. One thing is clear: Tina has an unrelenting passion for helping others. Across campus she has been involved at the Tutoring Center, the National Student Speech-Language & Hearing Association, and served as a team leader for Jumpstart (Americorps) where she dedicated over 300 hours of community service, providing tutoring and mentorship for underprivileged children. Off-campus Tina has worked and volunteered at California Speech & Hearing Association, Providence Speech & Hearing Center, St. Jude Rehabilitation & Wellness Center, and completed an internship at Warner Brothers.

Tina’s passion is in Speech Language Pathology. As a double major in Business/Marketing and Communicative Disorders, she plans to one day open her own private practice, an idea that Tina says intimidates a lot of pathologists, “[they] forgo the opportunity out of fear of not understanding the business aspect.” Tina believes that it is her business education that allows her to not share in this fear.

But the plan doesn’t start with private practice. Tina will spend the first six months of her career working in third world countries alongside an organization called Operation Smile. She also says that after her private practice is underway, she wants to open a sister clinic in Ghana to provide education and therapy services to individuals suffering from an array of communicative disorders.  

Aside from her extracurricular activities, Tina has consistently done well academically and received various honors and awards recognizing her commitment to community service.

Thank you Tina, and congratulations!

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  1. Kristy Mar says:

    I will contest that Tina will make her organizations proud as she progresses to excel in all that she pursues. She is my very own inspiration to become a well-rounded professional.

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