The Department of Accounting at California State University is a separately accredited entity within the College of Business and Economics. The Vision of the Department drives its mission, strategy, and goals and objectives.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to offer high-quality accounting educational programs that are relevant to a diverse group of undergraduate and graduate students. The Department of Accounting recognizes its role in society by assisting students as they prepare for successful careers in the accounting profession. The Department of Accounting also strives to advance accounting education and knowledge through basic, applied and pedagogical research and other scholarly activities and to promote valuable associations with business and professional communities.

Vision: The Department of Accounting provides an exemplary accounting program in Orange County that is recognized for its excellence in preparing students who are knowledgeable in the use of conceptual, theoretical and practical applications of financial and non-financial information to reach successful business solutions. The Department also seeks to recruit and retain faculty who do high-quality research that benefits students and professionals. Further, we establish and maintain close community involvement through faculty and student interaction with the business community as well as bring former students and professionals back into the classroom.

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