Mihaylo’s Tutoring Center Improves Course Success Rates

Mihaylo Tutoring Center Staff

Mihaylo Tutoring Center Staff

Calvin Wong ’15 (accounting) spends 20 hours a week helping other students. He’s a tutor at the Mihaylo Tutoring Center, specializing in accounting, and his goal is to see improvement among the students he works with. “I see the same students quite often, and it is really great to see them progress,” he says.

The tutoring center is located in the West Pavilion of Mihaylo Hall and offers help on accounting, business writing, economics, finance, and information systems and decision sciences. The center is open 36 hours a week, including two hours a day of Skype sessions for ISDS. It runs through an appointment system, and students may conveniently book online with any available tutor. “Being able to make an appointment online is really convenient and ensures that I get the help that I need,” says Christian Martinez ’16 (management).

The tutors are students hired through career center job postings. Tutors must be great communicators, problem solvers, and must maintain a professional attitude at work. The center also looks for students that are able to tutor in multiple subjects for more flexibility. Many of the tutors are students that are highly involved within Mihaylo College and have been with the center for multiple semesters. “As I spend more time with my students, they begin to see me more as a friend instead of a superior,” says Wong. “I’ve also helped one student figure out what he wanted to do in the future and it is really rewarding to know that I am making an impact on them.”

Martinez attributes his success in his financial accounting course to the tutoring center. “I visited the tutoring center before every exam,” he says. “The tutors were patient and really helped me understand the material.”

Emeline Yong, assistant dean of Mihaylo College, looks forward to this upcoming semester because it will be the first semester that business writing and economics will hold student instructional (SI) workshops. SI workshops are optional classes that students can attend outside of their lecture class for additional help with a student assistant. The student assistant attends both the lecture class and the workshop, so he or she will be aware of exactly what concepts have been covered in the class and what needs to be reviewed. SI workshops were previously only available for information systems classes and have been successful. She hopes that providing more workshops in additional subjects will help students progress even further.

Yong began as a counselor in the University Career Center before she was promoted to assistant dean in 2006, and she is responsible for working with the student clubs and helping to solve student issues. She has worked alongside organizations such as Beta Alpha Psi to help organize their end-of-semester review sessions. Aside from student affairs, she plays a large role within the college by overseeing the Mihaylo Tutoring Center.

“The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that I have the best job in the college,” says Yong. “I get to work directly with some amazing students and see how much they’ve grown.”

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10 Tips to Ace Your Business Class


According to College Countdown, one of the biggest mistakes students make is not taking advantage of the resources available to them. Remember, there are many tools and people on campus available to help you. Using your resources and adopting good habits will help you succeed in your business courses!

  1. Arrive on time. A general rule to arriving on time is to be there 15 minutes early. Many of the business classes are held in large lecture halls with crowds of students, so arrive early to get thebest seat.
  2. Get contact information. Jot down the professor’s email and phone number so that you can reach them if you have any questions. Also get an email or phone number from at least three of your classmates in case you miss a class or have any questions on an assignment.
  3. Take notes your way. Find the best note-taking method that works for you. Would you prefer taking notes on a laptop or in a notebook? You will probably find that your note-taking method will differ between classes. For example, you may understand accounting better when you handwrite all the formulas and definitions. However, you might also find that you understand business law better when you browse through the PowerPoints on your laptop. Either way, make sure that your notes are thorough so that you can refer back to them before an exam.
  4. Go to office hours. Professors genuinely want their students to do well in their class, so don’t be afraid to consult your professor if you do not fully understand a concept. Some professors might go through certain concepts quickly in class, so their office hours are open for you to ask questions and review information. Office hours tend to get busier the closer it gets to an exam, so it is best to get help along the way. Remember, the more effort you put toward understanding a subject the better results.
  5. Read the syllabus and check Titanium. It’s important to understand the course’s grading policy to know what scores you need to get on an assignment or an exam to reach a certain grade in a class. Some business classes are curved, so make sure you are aware of the grading scale for each class. Most business professors will update their gradebook as assignments are turned in, so make sure to check Titanium accordingly.
  6. Plan your due dates. Be sure to know when assignments are due and when exams are coming up so that you can plan accordingly. Classes such as Accounting201A have multiple homework assignments and case studies due each week, so marking those due dates in a calendar or journal will prevent you from falling behind.
  7. Form a study group. Studying in a group is one of the most effective ways to prepare for an exam. You and the other members of the group can review your notes, create study guides and quiz each other. You may find that some members understand certain concepts more thoroughly than others, so working in a group might be more helpful than studying alone. Classes such as accounting or marketing will likely have groups already set in the class, but don’t be afraid to consult some of your classmates or friends to form a study group of your own.
  8. Utilize the tutoring centers. Don’t hesitate to spend some of your free time getting help on assignments or simply reviewing concepts with a tutor. The tutoring center is located at SGMH 2404, and appointments can be made online. The center offers tutoring on accounting, business writing, economics, finance, and information systems and decision sciences. In addition, there is an accounting tutoring center located on the third floor of SGMH where you can get help on accounting assignments and case studies.
  9. Visit the advising center. Remember, you are not alone on your journey at Mihaylo. The advisors in the college’s undergraduate advising center are available to help you plan your classes and keep you on track for graduation. There are course roadmaps for all concentrations that you can discuss with your advisor, and they can also help you decide on a concentration and explore career options.
  10. Join a business club. Participating in one of the many organizations at Mihaylo will not only help you with your academics but can also broaden your opportunities. Many organizations such as the Accounting Society and the Center for Entrepreneurship actively communicate with CSUF alumni and other business professionals who could help you get your foot in the door for internships and job interviews.
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Jordan Poblete ’14 Creates a Magical Website for the “Happiest Place on Earth”

Disney has a way of instilling its unique magic into any fan big or small. Jordan Poblete ’14 (entertainment and tourism management) took this magic and turned his dream into a reality when he created the online magazine DisneyExaminer. Poblete has been on a magical journey for seven years that all started with a blog on social media.

Jordan Poblete speaking

Jordan Poblete speaking

“We had humble beginnings on Tumblr with a staff of three writers including myself and little to no audience,” says Poblete.

It was an idea that was birthed in 2008 while Poblete was still in high school. He and his friends found themselves at “The Happiest place on Earth” every weekend before they decided they wanted to pursue their common dream to work for The Walt Disney Company. DisneyExaminer is their way of letting Disney executives know, in a big way, that they are dedicated to the brand and represent it in a positive light.

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Sports Marketing Gives Enthusiasts an Opportunity to Live Their Passion

CSUF Marketing Professor Howard Forman explains the outlook for the sports-marketing industry, what entrants into the field can expect and how to launch a lucrative career. Forman tells students that sports marketing can be hard work but is a rewarding career for those interested in both sports and business.

The growth of the sports marketing industry. Image from

The growth of the American sports marketing industry

Sports marketing is a $145 billion industry that encompasses professional sports franchises, sports media and events such as the Olympics or World Cup. The outlook for this field is positive, as consumers have an increasing number of media channels in which to watch sports events, which in turn creates demand for advertising and public relations.

Howard Forman, a CSUF marketing professor, teaches MKTG 430 – Sports Marketing and tells interested students that one of the main activities of sports marketers is obtaining corporate sponsors for franchises and events. “Think of the Staples Center. Staples does not have anything to do with sports, it is an office supply company. But they are leveraging sports to improve their business,” Forman says. Sports marketers are charged with netting these sponsorships, which create brand name recognition for the companies and provide revenue for the sports franchises. The sports-marketing spectrum also includes professionals employed by corporations, such as Anheuser Busch or Staples Inc., working with sports franchises to get brand recognition.

Forman says that because there are so many sports enthusiasts, competition for sports-marketing positions is intense. “Applicants need to have a passion for sports and marketing, be willing to work long hours and be goal driven,” he says. They should also have strong interpersonal skills. “If you have good people skills it can be a very lucrative career.” Technical skills are also important. “The most important technical skill is social marketing. Communication skills are an absolute necessity – one needs to be able to articulate to sponsors the return they will receive.”

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Alejandra Rodriguez Sets the Standard for Outstanding Students in Mihaylo

Alejandra Rodriguez ’14 (business administration) moved to the United States when she was just 11 years old. She only had a few years to learn English and get ready to pursue her dream of going to college. Last May, she was awarded the Outstanding Student Award from the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics Executive Council, a scholarship that recognizes an outstanding graduating senior.

“This award has been the most meaningful recognition of my academic career,” says Rodriguez. “It made me feel like a model of what a Mihaylo student should be like: having the passion for a business, a clear vision of career goals, leadership skills, but also one who keeps in mind to give back to the community.”

The criteria for the award are based on scholastic achievement, extracurricular activities, leadership, and full-time enrollment. Rodriguez excels in each one of those aspects.

Rodriguez on Paramount Studio Lot

Rodriguez on Paramount Studio Lot

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