Mihaylo College Named a ‘Best Business School’ for Ninth Consecutive Year

Best296Biz2015EdnPrinceton Review’s annual “Best Business Schools” listing has, for the ninth consecutive year, named Mihaylo College of Business and Economics in its report, “The Best 296 Business Schools.”

The Princeton Review’s annual ranking of the best business schools in the U.S. and abroad includes Mihaylo College of Business and Economics for the ninth consecutive year. Ranked among 296 business schools, the report notes that the college provides a “solid preparation in general management.”

‘”A reputable state university with an excellent business school,’ Cal State Fullerton runs the largest accredited MBA program in the state of California,” the report says. “For current and future Southern California professionals, CSUF is a great way to get an edge in the business world, without breaking the bank. With a strong faculty and ties in the local business community, the school offers ‘a quality program at an affordable price.’”

The report notes Mihaylo’s flexible evening MBA program, which permits working adults to complete their degree in as little as 16 months; the college’s Centers of Excellence; accounting and finance programs, and practical career development opportunities.

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Boeing For More Wins Mihaylo Case Study Competition

The winning Boeing for More team (foreground) and Boeing judges (background)

The winning Boeing for More team (foreground) and Boeing judges (background)

Mihaylo students compete against each other to develop the best business model for Boeing to produce a fleet of 24 Chinook helicopters for the United Kingdom by 2021. The project provides students with real-world experience in business planning and collaboration.

Seven teams of Mihaylo business students found time in their busy fall semester schedules to develop a response to a case study for the Boeing Company, one of the world’s largest aerospace companies. The issue: how to build a fleet of 24 Chinook helicopters for the United Kingdom military by 2021 at full production, while continuing the company’s construction schedule of 300 Chinooks for the U.S. military by 2020. The project provided student participants with an excellent opportunity to develop business planning and collaborative skills, potentially even in a career with the Boeing company.

“It was the most difficult and rewarding business experience of my life,” says Dustin Gillis ’16, an accounting major. Gillis and his team, dubbed Boeing For More, were awarded first place in the competition. They will compete with the top team from CSU Long Beach in a head-to-head competition at the Boeing offices in El Segundo.

Mike Lawson of the Boeing Company discusses the competition at the kickoff event, Sept. 26, 2014

Mike Lawson of the Boeing Company discusses the competition at the kickoff event, Sept. 26, 2014

Charles Woon ’16, also an accounting major and member of the winning team, explained the close collaboration necessary to complete the project. “Our team is like a marriage,” he says. “Sometimes things work out; sometimes they do not, but with a willingness to trust and sacrifice, there is no telling how close success could be.” Fellow group member John Veta ’16, an entrepreneurship undergraduate, echoed the sentiment: “We have been on campus working on the project until 11 p.m. some nights. I am very proud of the entire team.”

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Putting the European Debt Crisis into Perspective

The European debt crisis has seriously affected the economies of the European Union in the past five years, imperiling the very existence of the continent’s groundbreaking monetary union and tarnishing the reputation of the economic block that was considered a competitor to the United States for global dominance just a few years ago. Mihaylo Economics Professor Huiran Pan, author of the 2012 study, Government Debt in the Euro Area – Evidence from Dynamic Factor Analysis, shares insight into the state of the European economies for business students.

Map showing the severity of the European debt crisis by country

Map showing the severity of the European debt crisis by country

In the past five years, many countries in Europe have been suffering through a debt crisis that has jeopardized the future of European economic integration and has at the very least provided a reality check about the feasibility of a common currency. Beginning in Greece in 2009, the debt crisis spread to Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland and other countries by 2011, driving a wedge between the economically healthy nations of Europe, such as Germany, with their troubled neighbors. While the Euro Zone has demonstrated a rebound in the past two years, the clouds of the recent crisis hang over the economic union that once was considered a serious rival to the United States as an economic superpower.

Professor Huiran Pan

Professor Huiran Pan

Mihaylo Economics Professor Huiran Pan authored a 2012 study, Government Debt in the Euro Area – Evidence from Dynamic Factor Analysis, in which she examined the pattern of burgeoning government debt levels, as compared to GDP, in the European economies since integration, eventually leading to the debt crisis.

Pan says that government debt is not always a bad thing; only when it reaches unsustainable levels is there cause for concern. “Reasonable government spending accelerates economic growth by creating more jobs or improving public infrastructures to facilitate production,” she says. “Too much government spending or outstanding government debt causes debt crises and economic downturn if the government is unable to repay the debt.”

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Entrepreneur Society: No Risk, No Reward

Entrepreneur Society

CSUF Entrepreneur Society

Do you dream to one day be your own boss? Entrepreneur Society will grant you the skills and resources you need to start your own business.

The Entrepreneur Society (ES) prepares students who are interested in starting their own business by exposing them to the hands-on side of enterprise. ES is open to all majors and encourages ambitious, passionate people. Hands-on learning is fostered through guest-speaker events, company tours, mixers and networking events. ES strives to provide students with the support and skills to create, launch and grow new ventures.

Andrea Wang ’16 (entertainment & tourism) is president of the society, and she ran for the leadership position because she wanted to improve ES operations and motivate members. “The club has helped me gain much more confidence in myself and push myself even more. I think just seeing my members excited and taking away something from each meeting has made me realize that it’s definitely worth the time,” she says. Her goal is to help students realize that entrepreneurship is not as scary or “impossible” as it may be perceived. She strongly believes that anyone can reach where they want to be if they take slow, efficient steps. “If by the end of the semester, everyone is one step closer to their dream, then I know we’ve accomplished our goal,” Wang says.

Entrepreneur Society holds a number of social and professional events throughout the year. During the spring semester, they host the Small Business Bash which is a vendor fair for CSUF students and local business owners. It gives small business owners the opportunity to sell their products, market to students and promote their business. In the past, the Small Business Bash has sponsored more than 30 vendors. In addition, the club members work together to host fundraisers such as hot dog sales and holiday-themed events to fund their events. Creating these events help them develop organizational and planning skills.

Entrepreneur Society attends a Zappos retreat

Entrepreneur Society attends a Zappos retreat

The society also helps spark the entrepreneurial spirit in its members with trips to local start-ups in Southern California, many of which have attained recognition for their accomplishments in Orange County, including Zappos, Orig Audio, Fast Start Studio, and Bootlegger’s Brewery. These visits allow ES members to network with successful entrepreneurs and gain real-world knowledge.

ES member Murdoc Hardy ‘16 (marketing) reflects on his experience in the club. “I decided to join Entrepreneur Society when I first came to Cal State Fullerton to meet more people and make friends,” he says. “Being involved in ES has allowed me to improve vastly on my communication skills both in a professional and casual sense. The club has helped me think beyond the idea and see myself in a business sense as well.”

Entrepreneur Society abides by the statement, “No Risk No Reward,” to encourage students to put themselves out there and to make a connection that will benefit them in the future. “As long as you are willing to take that baby step in the right direction, you can work your way towards accomplishing any goal,” states Wang.

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Taco Bell: Winning the World Over, One Taco at a Time

Klara Farkas

Klara Farkas

Klara Farkas ’89, founder and principal of the consulting firm Klarity International and former global marketing director for Taco Bell International, will be a guest speaker at the Global Speaker Series on Wednesday, Nov. 5, presented by the Center for International Business and Department of Marketing. 

Klara Farkas ’89 knows the fast-food business. For seven years, she was global marketing director for Taco Bell International, one of the world’s premier fast-food chains with 6,500 restaurants around the world, mostly in the United States. The chain is a subsidiary of Irvine-based YUM! Brands Inc., which operates Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut and Wing Street brands around the world.

Farkas helped lead the global expansion of Taco Bell, which under her tenure expanded into 12 new international markets, including India, Korea, Spain and the United Arab Emirates, introducing the world to the chain’s Tex-Mex cuisine. Through this expansion, Farkas demonstrated the importance of acting locally to succeed in global branding, creating design concepts, menu boards and products that would resonate with international audiences.

A Mihaylo international business graduate, Farkas also has a graduate degree in international management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management in Phoenix. This year, she founded Klarity International, a consulting enterprise that advises individuals and companies in brand marketing.

Students and members of the business community are invited to hear Farkas discuss her career and marketing advice at Taco Bell: Winning the World Over, One Taco at a Time at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 5 at SGMH 3230. For more information, contact the Center for International Business at 657- 278-3329 or cib@fullerton.edu, or contact the Department of Marketing at 657-278-2705 or ilange@fullerton.edu.

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